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泡泡宝贝全能营一级 —— English Cake 1
10次 120分钟/次
DAY vocabulary sentence
中教 DAY1 morning, afternoon, evening. Good morning / afternoon / evening!
中教 DAY2 Bob, Alan, Judy, Paul I am …
Nice to meet you.
中教 DAY3 Hi, Annyeonghaseyo,
Sawadeeka, Budenni
Let's say...
We say...
中教 DAY4 Aa:ant, apple; Bb:bear, banana The ant ate the apple.
The bear burned the banana
中教 DAY5 Review+Test
外教 DAY1 present, card, cake, candle, birthday, party How old are you?
I am [six].
外教 DAY2 cold, hot, sweater, coat, scarf Is it [cold]?
Yes, it is [cold]./ Yes, put on a [coat]!
No, it is hot.
中教 DAY6 sunny,warm How's the weather?
It's warm / sunny.
中教 DAY7 seed,bud,flower Look at the seeds / buds / flowers.
中教 DAY8 snake,frog,bear Wake up,Snake / Frog/Bear!
中教 DAY9 Cc: car,cat; Dd:doll,dog The cat cleans a car.
The dog dances with a doll.
中教 DAY10 Review+Test
泡泡宝贝全能营二级 —— English Cake 3
10次 120分钟/次
DAY vocabulary sentence
中教 DAY1 Jin, Cindy, Tom, name, twins Hi! I am ...
What's your name?
My name is ...
We are twins.
中教 DAY2 swing, slide, play Can I. swing / slide/play with you?
Yes, you can./ No, you can't.
It's mine..
中教 DAY3 pencil, block, eraser, robot Let's clean up!
Put the pencil / in this box.
中教 DAY4 Bb:bear, bee;Cc:candy, cat A bee is on the bear.
The cat catches thecandy.
中教 DAY5 Review+Test
外教 DAY1 share, doll, teddy bear, computer game, kite Do you want to play?
Sure! We can share my [doll].
外教 DAY2 garden, flower, bench, butterfly, birdbath What do you see in the garden?
I see [a pink flower].
中教 DAY6 butterfly, ladybug, bird I am looking for the ... .
Hey/Welcome friend!
It's warm.
中教 DAY7 tree, grass, flower Let's play hide-and-seek.
There you are.
I am in the ....
中教 DAY8 plant, water, grow,(seed,bud,flower) I plant a …. I water the ….
I grow the ….This is my ….
中教 DAY9 Dd:duck, doll;Ff: fox, frog The duck draws a doll.
The fox finds a frog.
中教 DAY10 Review+Test
泡泡宝贝全能营三级 —— English Cake 5
10次 120分钟/次
DAY vocabulary sentence
中教 DAY1 school, teacher, friend Hello, everyone!
This is my school / teacher / friend.
We are friends.
中教 DAY2 help, pick up, throw Can you help me?
Can you pick it up?
Can you throw the ball?
Thank you!
You are welcome.
中教 DAY3 story, lunch, art, (bed) It's time for a story / lunch / art / bed.
中教 DAY4 a_e: bake, cake; i_e: bike, kite Mommy bakes a cake.
Fly a kite on the bike.
中教 DAY5 Review+Test
外教 DAY1 play together, learn together, eat together, help each other What do friends do?
They [play together].
外教 DAY2 fruit salad, sandwiches, noodles, cookies What shall we make?
Let's make [sandwiches].
中教 DAY6 tall, beautiful, kind This is Mr./ Miss...
He / She is …
中教 DAY7 bakery, fire station, bank It's a bakery / fire station / bank.
He / She works at the bakery / fire station / bank.
中教 DAY8 walk, see, speak He/She can't walk / see / speak.
We can help him / her.
中教 DAY9 o_e:rope, rose; u_e:tube, cube Tie the rose with a rope.
Throw the cube into the tube.
中教 DAY10 Review+Test
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